The Blue Collar Gospel Hour

w/A. Razor

August 19, 2021

A. Razor is a writer, publisher and artist from the Los Angeles area. He has been performing, and writing poetry for over four decades, and has traveled extensively hustling his poetry, and chasing life experiences. On Jan 13, 2012, Razor and Iris Berry co-founded Punk Hostage Press. 


Razor takes us on a 2 and a half hour journey, recounting his life, his stories, and most importantly, he shares his life lessons with us along the way.


Razor's books available from Punk Hostage include: Better Than a Gun in a Knife Fight, Drawn Blood: Collected Works on D.B.P., Ltd. 1985-1995, Small Catastrophes in a Big World, Beaten Up Beaten Down, Half-Century Status, Days of Xmas Poems, and Puro Purismo.


Intro Music produced, recorded and engineered by our friends at InSession Productions. Check out their work at www.beatstars/InSessionProduction


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