The Blue Collar Gospel Hour

w/Sal Soriano, InSession Productions, Press Play & Zak Nevers

August 23, 2021

Sal Soriano (stage name SS) is a Chicago area hip hop artist. He dropped in the Not A Duck In Any Row Studios with InSession Productions, Press Play, and Zak Nevers. We talked extensively with Sal about his new album 'Midwest Connections' and his process for creating art. 


Like all the previous times I've got to hang out with the InSession Productions crew, we let loose are ideas on art, good writing, ghost stories, spiritual theories about the afterlife, and philosophy. My two year old grandson, MJ,  makes a cameo towards the end, too. Give it a listen, and go check out SS' new album. 


listen to Midwest Connection here:


intro music is the first track on Midwest Connection, a song titled "Who Knew" the song is by Sal Soriano (SS) and produced by our friends at InSession Productions 


Check out Insession's work at


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